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FIRST LOVE is a new premium retail project space and gallery curated by Hannibal Store and dedicated to the art and culture of SKATEBOARDING and located in the heart of Turin, Italy.

Fabio J. Raffaeli, CEO and Founder of Hannibal Store started skateboarding when he first moved to the West Coast in the US back in 1991 when he was 16 years old where he developed his sense of aesthetics and affection to all subcultures related to the world of skateboarding, especially Hardcore and Hip Hop

Around 2002/2003 Fabio J. Raffaeli right before opening Hannibal Store had his own skate team made of local skateboard legends Marco Mina, Fabio Palombino, Mario Marinelli, Saverio Iena, Mattia Turco and Toti among others who were all sponsored by his clothing line Eblood, one of the biggest skate clothing brands at the time in Italy.

There is a strong legacy with Los Angeles and the West Coast scene where Hannibal Store opened a 3 month Pop Up store on Fairfax last year as well a strong connection with International skateboarding players like the store CIVILIST in Berlin for example whose founder Alex Foiley is the one behind all art work and pictures inside HANNIBAL STORE to this day

We have collaborated with Nelzi Ramps to create our own mini ramp that we keep in our showroom/warehouse and that we use to promote major local events

The idea is to create a space located in super central Torino where we can mix decks and hardware to premium skate brands such as Fucking Awesome, Dime, All Timers, Magenta, Cash Only, Awake, Polar to Nike SB, Adidas SB, Vans Vault and Stussy and become a staple Tier 0 skateboarding account in the National/European Skateboarding community.



Fabio J.Raffaeli




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